Food pans

A full-size food pan on the left, used to collect sauce bottles; on the left, from the top: a 1/3 ('large") food pan, followed by a 1/6 ('small'), a shallow 1/6, and a 1/9.

"Pan" redirects here. For the flat pans used for bread, see bread pan.

A food pan (often known by the genericized trademark "Cambro") is a container for food used at SUBWAY restaurants. There are numerous sizes of each.

Colors Edit

Food pan colors

The four colors of food pans.

There are four types of cambro: black, clear, amber, and metal. Amber and metal pans are heat-resistant and can be used in the hot well, but metal pans cannot be used in the microwave.

Lids Edit

Lids exist for full-size, 1/3 (large), 1/6 (small) and 1/9 sized food pans.

Labels Edit

All pans of prepared of thawed food placed in the cooler must have a label filled out and adhered.