Hot well

A hot well in a SUBWAY restaurant. In the closest spot is a food pan of meatballs and marinara sauce. The other two spots are vacant, covered only by lids.

The hot well is used to keep food hot enough to escape the temperature danger zone.

The hot well typically is sized for three 1/3 ("large") sized food pans. Only amber or stainless steel food pans should be used; the other colors are not heat resistant.

Foods Edit

Meatballs and their marinara sauce are kept in the hotwell. Steak and chicken can also be kept in the hot well, but this is optional - for meatballs, it is not.

Meats kept in the hot well are toasted with the "One Meat Hotwell" option in the speed oven if the customer wants them toasted, or if they are served on a flatbread. One Meat Hotwell is also used for sliced meat sandwiches containing only a single meat.