Onions, sometimes called red onions, are a vegetable available at SUBWAY restaurants.

Preparation Edit

Onions are available pre-sliced in some markets. If not, this is the preparation procedure:

  1. Select four onions.
  2. Cut the top and bottom off with a knife. Cut in half along the radial center.
  3. Dig out the yellow core with a tomato corer, discard.
  4. Rinse the onions with a colander in the sink; the water sprayer is good to remove outer layers of skin.
  5. Secure the Nemco Easy Slicer to the table with the turnscrew. Set it to a 1/4 inch (6 mm) cut.
  6. Wash your hands and put on gloves.
  7. Place a 1/3 (large) food pan with a drain plate underneath.
  8. Place two onion halves into the Slicer, compress them, and spin the blades with the handle to cut them into the desired slices.
  9. Remove unsightly large pieces of onion that escaped cutting; break off attached rings that are otherwise acceptable.
  10. Apply a label with time, date, and your initials.

Eye irritation Edit

Temporary eye irritation from slicing onions is real, and with an efficient slicing machine like the Easy Slicer, it can quickly become overwhelming.

To reduce irritation, you may pre-chill your onions, or blow a fan at yourself to circulate air. You can slice onions during off-peak hours to protect customers from irritation.[3]

References Edit

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