Sauce bottle

A sauce bottle disassembled into its three parts; two different kinds of dispensing cap are shown.

Sauce bottles are used to store and dispense nearly all sauces at SUBWAY restaurants. They are comprised of three interchangable parts: a tubular body open on both ends, a cap for one end with a hole for dispensing, and a second cap of smaller diameter for adhesion of a label.

Oil and vinegar are kept in sauce bottles, too, but their cap has a smaller hole corresponding to their thinner consistency.

Sauces not in a bottle Edit

Marinara sauce may be spooned from the Meatball Marinara food pan in the hot well.

Various salad dressings are made available in single-serve packages; Ranch is available from both a sauce bottle and a single-serve package, but the other dressings are only available as single-serve.

Teriyaki glaze is not made available except on Chicken Teriyaki, to which it is applied during preparation.

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