A pile of subwraps; the very top is the six-inch size.

A subwrap is a piece of paper into which a sandwich and its deli paper is placed and wrapped before serving to the customer. Unlike the plain deli paper, the sub wrap is decorated with SUBWAY logos.

There are two sizes of subwraps: one suited for a footlong, and one suited for a six-inch, though a six-inch may be wrapped in a footlong wrap if needed.

Wrapping a sub Edit

Subwrap Equal T

The best position from which to wrap a sandwich can be described as an equal T:

  1. A line drawn from the far corner of the subwrap directly down to meet the sub at a right angle would meet it in the middle of the sub and form a (upside-down T).
  2. The right and left corners of the subwrap are of roughly equal distance to the sub itself - in a strictly horizontal direction.

These practices are exemplified in the image above. Below, we see three ways for a subwrap to be poorly placed, leading to a poorly wrapped sub:

A properly wrapped sandwich appears as below:


Subwrap label Edit

Subwrap label dispenser

A dispenser with a large supply of subwrap labels.

A sticker adorned with the SUBWAY logo, known as a subwrap label, is available to seal six-inch sandwiches; it may be used for footlongs as well, but they will generally hold together better.

The sticker features a non-adhesive tab for ease of application and removal, but note that the non-adhesive portion of the sticker extends in a straight line to the opposite end of the sticker. A properly configured dispenser makes it easy to pick up subwrap labels by the non-adhesive tab, by pulling on the residual backing paper which exposes that tab.