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Transcription Edit

Subway giant subs are ideal for large, informal gatherings. Let's review the proper braiding technique so your giant sub braids come out looking perfect every time.

First, remove the appropriate amount of retarded bread sticks from the retarder cabinet. You'll need 4 sticks for each 1.5 feet (or 46 centimeters) of finished party bread. For example, to make a 6 foot giant sub, we would need 16 sticks.

Remember, you do not need to score bread that will be used for giant subs.

Next, take four sticks of bread, and stretch them to approximately 23 inches, or 58 centimeters.

Join the breadsticks in the middle, by starting the braid here, so tension will be evenly distributed throughout both sides of the braid.

Begin the braid by lifting the second stick from the left. Move the first stick on the right, and place it under the second stick on the left. Again, lift the second stick on the left, and move the first stick on the right, repeating this prodecure until the braiding is completed. Once the braid is completed, form a tight, neat end.

Finish the other end of the braid in the same way, again, forming a tight, neat, end.

Place a giant sub bread form on a half size bread pan. Stretch the completed braid and place it end to end in one section. Be sure the braid touches the ends of the bread form.

If you do not have a giant sub bread form in your store, you'll need to use a half size bread pan with a flat silpat liner or baking paper. Braids can fit diagonally across the pan.

Upon finishing the first braid, you'll work quickly to braid the remaining sections. This will complete the braiding process for Italian and wheat breads.

To make a seasoned braid, first place one cup, or 237 milliliters of seasoning into one side of a giant sub bread form. If you haven't done so already, lightly mist the top side of the braids with water. Carefully pick up a braid and place it top side down into the seasoning. Return the braid top side up to the bread pan, and position it from end to end. Repeat this procedure until all sections are properly seasoned.

For more information on how to make Subway's giant subs, please refer to chapter 10 of your operations manual and take the Baking Other Products course on the University of Subway.

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