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Watch and learn as Ed and Alma explain the basic components of customer service at Subway restaurants.

"How's it going, Ed?"

"Not bad, I think I've a handle on prepping veggies, and I've learned how to keep the bread going throughout the day."

"That's great, and how are you doing with your customers?"

"Well, they order food, I make the food, it's no big deal."

"True, but, at Subway restaurants, customer service is kind of a big deal. It's such a big deal, we call it, the customer experience."

"Uhh... okay... Wait, what?"

"Ed... Think about the last time you went to a restaurant as a customer. What did you remember?"

"Hmm... The bathroom was not so clean."

"Good! That's actually one of the keys that can make or break the customer experience."

"Keys? What keys? I'm not ready to close off!"

"Ed... The keys I'm referring to open the door to something amazing: the power of excellent customer experience. You need to pay close attention to:

  • quality of food
  • speed of service
  • friendliness
  • cleanliness
  • comforting atmosphere, and
  • value."

"Yeah, I got you."

"As a Sandwich Artist, you have the power to make a big impression on every customer who walks through the door. We don't just make sandwiches, we WOW customers with an exceptional experience. Ready? Let's walk through each key one by one, and you can give me an example of how to make a mark in your everyday work. Let's start with friendly employees."

"Easy. I can make each customer feel welcome by saying hello, and making eye contact the moment they walk in."

"Great! And don't forget to thank them and say goodbye. Creating that personal connection with customers is one of the reasons they'll come back. What about speedy service?"

"I'll always be ready, by prepping the right amount of ingredients needed for our busiest times."

"Yes. Remember to show a sense of urgency to get customers quickly through the line. Time flies when you're having fun! Make small talk, and smile as they move through the line. This can make the wait seem much shorter, and food quality?"

"I have this one covered. Making great bread throughout the day, so it's fresh for every customer. Making sandwiches properly with the right amount of ingredients, and taking pride in my perfectly beautiful and delicious sandwiches."

"Right. Golden-brown bread, and freshly prepared products, put together into a well-made sandwich, paint an appetizing picture for your customer. You, my friend, are an artiste. Now, comfort and atmosphere?"

"Hmm. We all know cleanliness in the restaurant counts, but I'll make sure everything looks tidy in the customer area, the beverage unit is organized, the temperature is comfortable, and the music is not too loud while I'm rocking out those sandwiches."

"Yes. Cleanliness of the restaurant is extremely important."

"My appearance, and handwashing counts too."

"You are the one who is creating the customer's sandwich, so pay attention to your overall look, and personal hygiene is very important. Keeping your hair pulled back, fingernails cut, and overall cleanliness is key. Cleanliness forms a customer's opinion of a store, and creates a positive experience and a healthy environment. What about value?"

"By knowing our menu, I can help our customers choose the perfect meal for them, with all the right ingredients."

"At Subway restaurants, we work hard to provide our customers with a great experience, so we want them to tell us how we're doing. The Customer Experience survey helps them do just that. It gives customers a chance to rate you, and your restaurant, on each of the areas we talked about. Customers can also let us know if they liked the restaurant so much that they'd recommend it to their friends and family."

"So how do the customers know about this survey?"

"That's where you come in. The survey invitation is on the back of every receipt. You should be sure to point it out to customers, and ask them for feedback. Let them know that it only takes one minute, and that we'd like to know how we're doing. Also, be sure to mention that if they take the survey, they'll get a code for a free food item, typically a cookie."

"Aww yeah, cookies!"

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