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Setting Up the Cookie Case Edit


  • Step 1: Remove Cookie Case and Riser from the box
  • Step 2: Place Riser on flat surface
  • Step 3: Place Cookie Case on top of the Riser, placing the feet of the Cookie Case into the dimples on the riser
  • Step 4: Clean entire unit including the drawers prior to use

Filling the Cookie Case Edit

  • Make sure the cookies are totally cool, if they are not cool, they will bend and break
  • Shingle from the back of the cookie case towards the front of each drawer
  • Place each row of cookies behind the appropriate flavor identifier
  • Place each filled drawer into the cookie case
  • Minimize holding time to maximize the "fresh" perception

Frozen Cookie Dough Edit

  • When you receive cookie dough put it directly in the freezer
  • Keep dough frozen at 0F (+/-5) or at -18C (+/-3) at all times
  • Do not thaw the dough (thawing will result in increased spread)
  • Check the "Best Before" date located on the side of each box
  • Shelf life if unopened: 9 months (270 days) from the production date when stored at 0F (+/-5) or at -18C (+/-3)

Baking and Handling Frozen Dough Edit

Steps for baking & handling cookie dough:

  • Bake cookies at 325F or 163C before the first bread bake during bread dough preparation
  • Bake to fully stock the cookie case through lunch
  • Bake a tray of cookies before lunch to fill the store with the delicious aroma of fresh-baked cookies
  • Keep the cooki case stocked throughout the day by baking cookies regularly
  • Bake cookies every 4 hours, or more if volume dictates

"Just Right" Cookie and Troubleshooting Edit

The "Just Right" SUBWAY Cookie Chart
A "Just Right Cookie" should be golden brown and slightly lighter brown in the center. A "Just Right Cookie" is slightly crispy around the edges and soft in the center.
Cookies are too Small: Lower the oven temperature. The oven is too hot and the dough doesn't have time to thaw and spread as it is baking.
Cookies are too Large: Either the dough is partially thawed or the oven is too cool. Check your oven temperature and make sure the dough is frozen prior to baking.
Cookies are too Dark: Either the oven is too hot or they are being left in the oven too long. Check the baking temperature and the length of time cookies are baked.
Cookies are too Light: Oven is too cool. Raise the temperature slightly.
Cookies are too Hard: Cookies are being baked too long, reduce the length of time.
Cookies are Raw inside: Lower the temperature. They are baking too fast on the outside, and look done, but the inside didn't have time to thaw and bake.

Cookie Varieties from SUBWAY Edit

  • Chocolate Chip
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
  • Peanut Butter Chip
  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • Chocolate Chunk
  • Double Chocolate Chip
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate Chip w/ M&Ms

SUBWAY Cookie Platters Edit

A Cookie Platter is an arrangement of 36 cookies on a catering tray.

16" Round Tray Edit

  • Start by placing a layer of cookies around the outer edge of the tray (approx. 21 cookies)
  • Begin placing a 2nd layer of cookies inside the 1st layer, continuing the circular pattern until all 36 cookies are placed on the tray
  • Place a lid on the tray. Place 36 napkins in a t-shirt bag and serve with the platter

Flat Tray Edit

  • Start by placing one (1) row of six cookies (6) down in an outer edge of the tray
  • Make six (6) rows of six (6) cookies each until the tray is filled
  • Place a lid on the tray. Place 36 napkins in a t-shirt bag and serve with the platter

Cookies by the Dozen - Packaging Recommendations Edit

One Dozen (12)
Cookies are packaged in a salad bowl
Place three (3) cookies at the bottom of the salad bowl, then layer remaining cookies until all twelve (12) cookies are packaged
Place in a t-shirt bag and serve with twelve (12) napkins
Two Dozen (24)
Cookies are packaged in a SUBWAY TO GO! Meal box
Place on sheet of deli paper on the bottom of the box
Place twelve (12) cookies, standing on end, in one row and twelve (12) in another row
Place in t-shirt bag and serve with 24 napkins

Introduction to Pre-Packaged Cookies Edit

We have identified selling multipack cookies as an "easy effort" way to add incremental sales per restaurant. Testing of the 3-pack and 12-pack bundles in the UK added $70 to $350 in sales per week per restaurant.

In addition to offering individual cookies and made-to-order bundles, you'll be required to offer cookies in pre-packaged bundles of three and twelve. You'll use new approved packaging, and the bundles will be displayed in a basket at the point of purchase.

Packaging Cookies Edit

Cookies come in 3-pack bundles and 12-pack bundle varieties and should be pre-packaged using the following guidelines:

The 3-pack bundles of each of the four required cookie varieties must be displayed

A minimum of one 12-pack bundle containing four 3-pack bundle varieties of your choice must be displayed

After 5pm, 12-pack bundles are not required to be displayed

A minimum of one 3-pack bundle must be displayed 3 hours prior to closing to remain in compliance

Suggestive Selling Edit

  • Cookies are one of the most profitable menu items in our operation
  • Verbally offering cookies to a customer greatly increases the chance of purchase[1]
  • Many customers are not aware that choosing the meal deal gives them the opportunity to substitute a bag of chips with two cookies[1]
  • Everybody loves fresh-baked cookies

References Edit

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